Section 1 - Introduction

Go Team 2704 Computer Workshop

Welcome to the Go Team 2704 (aka Roaring Robotics) Computer Workshop!

As part of this workshop, we’re going to have you fill out a form to help you figure out what you need to build your computer and know how much it’s going to cost. The form can be found here (and please use the responsible adult’s e-mail address):

Here’s some thoughts to go with the form:

What is my computer going to be used for?

Here are some common uses for computers:

  • Gaming​

  • Content Creation (e.g., creating and rendering videos/photos, engineering drawings, engineering analyses) ​

  • Using Content (e.g., watching videos, surfing the net)

How much capability your computer is going to need is determined by what it will be used for. For simply using content, relatively minimal capability will suffice. For gaming or content creation, a more capable central processing unit (CPU), more memory, and graphics capability will be required.

My budget?

How much money you plan on spending (or are allowed to spend) will often force some decisions on how capable your computer is going to be. This is a key factor.

​Some Resources

​You’ll need to obtain computer hardware at some point. Here are some resources listed below (which is not a complete list). Internet searches for specific parts also work wonders.




Questions? Concerns? Outright Problems?

Contact us at and one our instructors will be in touch with you shortly.

A student reviews component options for a build during a Go Team 2704 Computer Build Workshop.