Help Support Our Team

All monetary donations are welcome. The Batavia Foundation is the non-profit organization which oversees tax-deductible donations to our team in addition to a number of organizations devoted to supporting the Batavia community.


Donations by Check

For those who wish to make a tax deductible donation, please make a check out to “Batavia Foundation” with a notation of “BHS RoboBoosters” in the memo field. Checks may be provided to any member of our team leadership. Alternatively, checks may be mailed to our team mailbox at:

Roaring Robotics c/o

BHS RoboBoosters

143 S. Randall Rd. #126

Batavia, IL   60510-9470

Funding Campaigns

We currently have the following funding campaign going on to support our team:

Outfitting the Team

We are currently running a funding campaign through September 2018 to upgrade and outfit our team for the 2018 - 2019 season. For our previous season, we provided team members with T-shirts which, as seen in the above photo, got mostly covered because competitions are typically in winter and the students were cold. We are hoping to be able to provide our team some classy work shirts combined with layering options to suit thermal needs. However, doing so will exceed our team budget. Any funds received in excess of what is needed to outfit our team will go towards our general team funding, which we also need. Check out our blog article here for more information.

Credit/debit card or PayPal account donations may be made through PayPal by clicking the “Donate” button below. No PayPal account is required. You’ll be asked to provide credit/debit card information or PayPal account information. Funds will go to the Batavia Foundation for the benefit of the Roaring Robotics “Outfitting the Team fund.” Simply enter the amount to be donated. (We suggest a $100 donation for our team families.) While you are welcome to make monthly donations, we will only be able to credit donations made through September 2018 to the “Outfitting the Team” fund. Subsequent donations will go towards general funding of our team. If you wish to have your donation acknowledged for tax purposes, please share your mailing address with the Batavia Foundation. We will provide a thank you acknowledgement letter at the end of the year.

We set up this fund in lieu of charging families a fee for being part of our team. Our philosophy has been that any student should be able to participate independent of their family’s financial situation. However, we are requesting that families make a suggested donation of $100 towards the fund. A majority of our families are able to make such a donation and we do not have sufficient general team funds to properly outfit the team. Note that $100 is substantially less than what many robotics teams and high school extra-curricular clubs/teams charge for fees. However, we also recognize that not every family is able to afford $100. We ask that they donate what they can. By allowing donations to be made through the Batavia Foundation, we are allowing donations to be made anonymously so that no family will experience any stigma associated with the level of their donation or lack there of.

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