Roaring Robotics at the Central Illinois Regional Competition (Peoria)

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Roaring Robotics, Team 2704, went to the Central Illinois Regional held at Bradley University’s Renaissance Coliseum in Peoria, IL. The competition was held Thursday through Saturday, March 15-17, 2018.

The team set up the pit Thursday morning.

We lucked out in that we had a corner spot - all the better for showing off.

Here’s what the pits looked like for the 37 teams that were there.

Jack the Safety Dinosaur even made it.

It was off to the practice area first thing Thursday morning.

Maybe a bit of last minute programming was required.

Q-Bert the Robot likes to show off how high he can go.

One thing about competitions is that there’s a lot of judging that goes on. And it’s not just the robot that gets judged. Students in the pit area will often get asked about our team by judges with clipboards in hand.

Students will also need to be able explain everything about the robot.

Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) does their own judging for the safety award. Here, one of judges is talking with our team safety captain.

Sometimes, having being safe and having a clean pit pays off. Here, our safety captain was presented the Safety Star of the Day Award.

One of the things we do each year is show off our students. For 2018, each student got their portrait along with a retro video game character put up on our wall.

Students from other teams often enjoy checking out our pit photos.

Making friends is part of the experience. Most teams, including ours, hand out team buttons as mementos of the competition. Of course, the buttons have to be made first (and sometimes during competitions).

Now it’s off to the matches - time to bring Q-Bert out to the field.

Here’s what arena looks like.

The drive team gets ready.

Q-Bert motors along with cube in hand (claws?).

Q-Bert can even get cubes on the scale. Whoa, that’s up high.

The drive team watches closely. Driving a robot is much like playing a video game, except it’s for real.

We discovered that Q-Bert’s talent was moving cubes quickly. Due to the mechanum drive, Q-Bert was more maneuverable than most of the other robots on the field.

Of course, we did discovered some weaknesses. One of them was that the claw mechanisms had to be readjusted after every match.

Lots of students got involved with robot work.

Sometimes, a different perspective of the matter was required.

And sometimes, the robot driver needed a break.

Back to the matches!

Those on the team not in the pits or on the drive team were doing their part to watch and support the team.

Even the folks from Make-It-Here came to Peoria to cheer our team on.

We got our team numbers out for some bling.

We’ve got some active cheering going on!

Even the drive team got into the act after hearing our alliance win after a match.

And here’s the team at the Central Illinois Regional in Peoria.


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