A visit to the GreenFields of Geneva Senior Living Community

Updated: May 20, 2018

Often, Roaring Robotics receives requests to do an outreach activity with young children. We typically accommodate these requests when we can. But sometimes, we get an interesting request. Such was the case with GreenFields of Geneva. They wanted us to do a robot demo for their senior living community - i.e., not our typical audience. The team rose to the occasion in a demonstration on May 19, 2018.

Members of the Roaring Robotics drive team demonstrate Q-Bert, our 2018 season competition robot, for the senior living community at GreenFields of Geneva.

GreenFields had a special request. They had a World War II veteran who had done a lot of electronics work during the war and his subsequent career. They wanted to be able to show him something involving electronics to spark those memories of years past.

A Roaring Robotics team member showing a WW II veteran some of the parts of Q-Bert, our 2018 competition season robot.

In addition to doing a personalized showing of the robot for this gentlemen, Roaring Robotics demonstrated the robot’s capabilities for the group as a whole.

Q-Bert, our 2018 competition season robot showing off his cube handling capabilities.

While demonstrating the robot, members of our team shared information about our team, the robot, and competitions.

A member of the Roaring Robotics team sharing information with the senior community about our robot, the team, and competitions.

Our Roaring Robotics drive team was attentive to driving Q-Bert, our 2018 competition season robot with care and precision.

The Roaring Robotics drive team guiding our 117 lb. robot with care and precision.

Although it wasn’t our usual audience, our team had fun and enjoyed interacting with the seniors.

The Roaring Robotics team at GreenFields of Geneva.

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