Class of 2018 - Andrew

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

We had a number of outstanding students graduate from our team after the 2018 Power Up season. We’d like to tell you a bit about them to give you an idea of what can happen over the course of a few years. Here’s about Andrew.

Andrew joined the team in the fall of 2014 as a 9th grader and remained with the team until graduating as a senior in 2018.

Andrew initially learned some programming.

And then Andrew got into building.

Even from his first year on the team, Andrew could be found at most meetings thoroughly engaged in what was happening. Above, he was showing off a mock-up for a robot design.

Andrew often focused his efforts on the drive train.

Andrew was always willing to try out new things, such as driving a robot.

And yes, there was the helmet. Andrew collected buttons from robotics competitions and attached them to the mesh netting of a vintage army helmet. By the time he graduated from the team, the buttons were practically falling off. The shirt worn shows off our team’s former name “Order 2 Chaos” and associated logo.

Andrew consistently engaged the students on our team with enthusiasm, providing gentle nudges as necessary.

During his tenure, Andrew took it upon himself to build a computer, presumably for robot computer aided design (and maybe the occasional computer game).

When the team rebranded in 2016, Andrew was one of the major website contributors having come up with the design for the home page. For the 2017 update of the website, once again, Andrew made heavy contributions to the overall website design.

When work need to get done, Andrew was always in the thick of it. He's shown above rewiring a robot for competition. The team had inadvertently used under-gauged wiring for several high amperage components.

For the 2017 season, Andrew was one of two the team’s nominees for the Dean’s List Award. Andrew was noted for his leadership on the team and ability to work with others.

Yes, here Andrew is working again on the 2018 season robot at Make-It-Here. He was one of several students who spent about six days a week working on the robot towards the end of build season.

Andrew has always reached to younger students on the team. He’s shown here with one of the youngest members of the team at that time.

Outside of robotics, Andrew maintained a 4.375 GPA, was active with several high school activities including the school’s Chamber Choir, Debate Club, French Honor Society, and Trivia Club. Andrew has also fostered his scientific abilities outside of robotics by becoming a member of a local radio astronomy club through Fermilab, a national laboratory, and participating in Fermilab’s 2016 morning physics program. He has given of himself by volunteering his time at Fermilab’s STEMFest to promote STEM among others and by supporting Amnesty International efforts at Mutual Ground and through meeting with congressional leaders.

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