How Can Our Family Contribute?

Updated: May 6, 2018

There are many ways that family adults can help contribute to our team’s success. For many roles, no experience or special knowledge is required. Here are some ways that a family adult can contribute:

The Robot and Competition

As we are a robotics team, much of our energy is devoted to robots and competition. Working in the robot area means working with students. As such, team adults contributing in this area must be willing to work with students other than their own. In addition, we may request that a team adult become officially registered as a team mentor/coach and undergo a background check.

  • Shop Supervision - We often need several adults in the shop at any given time. While one doesn’t need to know how to build a robot, some degree of comfort working with tools is desirable. Adults must be willing to take a Make-It-Here class on the use of their equipment and be willing to work with students other than their own. Note that students under age 16 require direct adult supervision when using Make-It-Here equipment.

  • Programming - We have a programming team devoted towards creating and updated code for the robot. While we currently have a capable mentor overseeing this area, it would be nice to have some additional support and back-up.

  • Support Items - We need some items to be designed and built to support our competition efforts. For example, our current battery cart has been falling apart for the last several years. We need a new one - bad. We could also use a driver station to hold a laptop and joystick/mouse for bringing onto the field for competitions. Currently, our drive team carries the items in hand. Only one laptop has been dropped in recent history...

  • Community Room Supervision - We’ve learned that we need to maintain some degree of adult supervision if there are students in the community areas of Make-It-Here.

  • Bumpers - Most seasons require bumpers for robots, which require some sewing skills.


We have a fledgling graphics/media group to support the team. We currently have a mentor with a graphics background (and an engineer who fakes it). However, some additional help in this area would be appreciated as we could and should be doing more in this area. Photography and vidoegraphy is always welcome.


The success of our team depends a lot on having good communications. Currently, one person does most of the team communications. However, sharing this role among one or two additional people would allow for backup and actually enhance our communications. Note this is an area where a lot can be done from home. All one needs is a computer with access to the internet. Also note that we may ask team adults having access to our email account and website be registered as a team coach/mentor and have a background check. Communications involve:

  • Monitoring the team email account - This requires not only being able to monitor the account, but also being able to respond to emails or directing emails to the appropriate individual.

  • Website maintenance - We rely heavily on our website for communications and for providing a resource to our team. As we use WiX for our website platform, maintaining the website is essentially drag and drop - no coding is involved.

  • Social media - We have both Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our current communications person is falling behind in these area as much of his time is spent on other team communications. It would be helpful to have someone devote more time to this area to build our Facebook and Twitter presence.


The team does require some degree of logistics support. Some examples include:

  • Team supplies - We provide Make-It-Here with an ongoing supply of water bottles for use by our team and to be available for their members. In addition, while team families often provide food, the team provides things to go along with the food such as plates, napkins, utensils. We need a person to oversee our stock and replenish as necessary (to be reimbursed by the team).

  • Keeping track - We have a few things where it’s helpful to have someone collect money and ensure everyone has paid up (or at least identify the guilty parties). Examples include laser tag, Peoria hotels, and Peoria lunches. We also have need to keep track of things like which equipment students and adults have taken.


Like most organizations, the team has business aspects associated with it. Part of what the team is judged upon in competitions is the quality of the business plan and execution to support the team. In addition, we have a sponsorship committee which explores opportunities to generate income for the team.

Other Areas

Oftentimes, people have talents which can contribute to the team in ways that we haven’t even thought of. Let us know.


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