So you want to program?

The programming and drive teams at the 2018 Central Illinois Regional competition.

For a student to be on the programming team, they need their own laptop computer. A recent Windows operating system is preferred. McIntosh and Linux operating systems can be accommodated. Chromebooks are not recommended.

We program in C++. While prior programming experience is great, it’s not required if a student is willing to put in some effort and learn.

With laptop in hand, the following downloads and resources are recommended are recommended:

  • Eclipse - installation instructions are here.

  • WPILib C++ Documentation here.

  • Learn C++ Free Interactive Tutorials here.

  • Screen Steps Live - A broad guide to FRC C++ programming here.

  • Read the Docs - An FRC programming done right guide here.

  • Troubleshooting links: Chief Delphi & Stack Overflow

In addition, if a student is interested in a good book reference for C++, we recommend the C++ Primer (currently in its 5th edition) by Stanley Lipman, Josée Lajoie, and Barbara Moo. The book is available from online retailers at a reasonable cost.


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