The 2018 Flapjack Challenge

On December 1, 2018, we did the Flapjack Challenge hosted by Winnovation, Team 1625, at Winnebago High School.

Of course, there was the raffle.

And there were flapjacks to be served along with the events of the day.

We took advantage of the opportunity to re-color the team with new T-shirts for the 2019 season.

Lots of action in the pit area.

The Flapjack Challenge doubled as a team social activity, or what qualifies as social for some.

The competition provided a number of students to try their hand at driving the robot.

Of course, there was the universal robotics expression of “Yes, I know what I’m doing and I am having fun!”

Lunch consisted of the finest pizza that the town of Winnebago could offer.

And then there were the robots on the field.

We used professional videographers to document the day. The candy cane expertly secured in the mouth makes it professional.

Look closely. The robot rights itself. And yes, the photos are in proper time sequence.

Much to our amazement, we picked up a trophy for the day (primarily through the miracle of alliance selection).

Even one of the team photographers got nabbed.

A day of fun!

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