Using Make-It-Here

Updated: May 30, 2019

Make-It-Here generously hosts our team and is one of our primary sponsors. However, there are responsibilities that come with using their facility.


Make-It-Here is a business supported by people and businesses who pay membership fees to use their equipment. An annual full membership to use their facility cost $1500 per year. As such, our team must be more professional in conduct than what would be expected in a school setting or a facility which was ours. We are their guests. Also note that we are usually not the only ones using the facility at any given time. In addition, Make-It-Here staff often provide tours of the facility to those interested in membership. We cannot do anything that is disruptive or distracting for their members or visitors. If our presence adversely impacts their business, our use of the facility will be in jeopardy.

To put this in more explicit terms...

  • Use quiet voices

  • No electronic devices in the shop areas

  • No horseplay or running

  • No flying objects (unless propelled by robot in a controlled setting)

  • Clean-up after yourselves

  • No food in shops or design/electronics lab areas

  • There must be a team adult in any area that a student is in


Make-It-Here has industrial grade equipment designed to cut metal. The equipment will not distinguish between metal and body parts. The above photo is of a hole in a wall created by a flying wrench. The wrench was thrown over 20 feet when a student was making an adjustment on a manual mill with the wrench and accidentally turned the machine on.

  • Safety glasses must be worn in the shop areas. As the team has safety glasses for team use, it’s not okay to use the safety glasses provided by Make-It-Here.

  • Close-toed shoes must be worn in the shop areas.

  • Nothing loose may be worn in the shop areas. Long hair must be tied back. No hoodies with strings. Loose long sleeves must be rolled up.

  • Students and adults must take and pass Make-It-Here’s class before using any equipment.

  • Students under 16 must have a team adult directly overseeing their use of any shop equipment. The team adult must be trained in that equipment.

  • More information can be found in Make-It-Here’s Principals of Safety here.

Guest Agreement

Although Make-It-Here does not charge the team for use of their facility, all team members (both students and adults) must have a Make-It-Here guest agreement which covers them. In addition, team members should be familiar with Make-It-Here’s Handbook. The documents can be found in the membership area of their website here.

Use of Equipment and Facility

Make-It-Here has generously allowed our team to use their facility at no cost. Their sponsorship is equivalent to providing a full membership (normally $1500 annually) with free classes for equipment (normally $25 per class) for each student and supporting team adult. Having said that, if a team member wishes to use the facility or equipment for something other than for the team, the family must pay for it. A variety of membership options are described on Make-It-Here’s membership page here with options for limited monthly memberships to suit an individual’s project.


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