What is the Family Commitment?

Updated: May 30, 2019

We ask that families, in addition to their students, commit to the team. Every adult involved with our team is an unpaid volunteer, some of whom do not have students on the team. Most of our team adults have jobs and/or other significant commitments. As such, we ask that families help out where they can.

However, our desire is for every student to be able participate independent of their family’s individual situation. We do have families where we do not see the family adults often because they are typically working when we meet or are caring for other family members.


Our team often has all day meetings on Saturdays, generally 10 am - 4 pm. We typically have lunch provided by team families. More specifically, we ask that two families provide lunch with one bringing a main dish and the other bringing sides, desserts, etc. The team provides plates, napkins, utensils, and waters to drink. Make-It-Here typically has sodas available for 50¢. We ask families to provide a team meal at least 2 - 3 times per season, if they’re able to do so. (Sorry, but potlucks don’t count.)


We ask that an adult from each family oversee or substantially contribute towards at least one aspect of running the team. While it’s not expected that everyone will be at every meeting, we appreciate having an adult from each family involved with the team on a regular basis. We recognize that each family is different and have their own challenges. However, most families can make a contribution to the team in their own way. For example, we do have some “work from home” positions for those who are not able to attend meetings.


We ask that family’s support their students by attending as many events as they can, but at least one. At a minimum, families can follow our activities on Facebook. Our experience has been that it takes most families, students and adults alike, an entire season culminating with attending a major competition before “getting the picture” about FIRST Robotics Competition and what it’s all about. We want families to experience that “ah ha” moment.


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