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Graphics / Media

We have an active graphics/media team

to make our team look great!

Graphics & Media for a Robotics Team?

Definitely! Not all students are budding engineers. There’s room for those with more artistic and social inclinations. Moreover, we’ve discovered that we have a few students who have no interest in touching a tool or a robot, and that’s fine.


We rely heavily on promoting our team as we are no longer associated with a specific school. Consequently, we do a lot in the graphics and media areas. In addition, there are some competition awards which involve graphics and media, which need to be done by the students. Here are examples of graphics-media projects which involved students over the last couple of years:

  • Safety Animation Video

  • Chairman’s Award Video

  • Competition Pit Banners

  • Window Wall for Eola Road Branch, Aurora Public Library

  • Promotional Robot Videos for our sponsors

  • Event Photography and Videography

We actually have more graphics and media projects which students can be involved with as communication and outreach are huge parts of what we do.

Student Using Team Camera

Team Equipment

In 2022, we acquired a semi-professional camera which can be used for taking videos in addition to still photos. Two of our four team desktop computers are equipped with software for editing videos and photos to create great media works.

2021 Infinite Recharge at Home Safety Animation Video


One of our graphics-media students works on a graphics project from home using one of our team’s computers loaded with graphics & media  software.

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