How to Support Our Team

Roaring Robotics, Team 2704, is a non-profit team funded by our support organization “Go Team 2704, NFP.”

We request that you contact us through our webpage contact form or e-mail us at JoinTeam2704@gmail.com if you’re interested in supporting our team or would like more information.

Why Robotics?​

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math


FIRST Robotics Competition introduces students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) in a challenging and fun way.


Real Job Skills


Unlike many youth activities, our students actually have to produce a product. To compete, they need to design, build, and program an industrial sized robot in about 6 weeks. To do so, they not only need to work together, they need to make decisions and reach consensus together - just like a team work environment in a real world job.


A Place To Fit In


Although many of our students are active in a variety of extra-curricular activities, many are not. For a number of students, robotics is their main activity outside of school. Our team provides an activity outside of school for many students who do not easily fit in traditional school extra-curricular activities.


More Than Robots


Our team provides students with opportunities to get involved with the business aspects of the team such as media, marketing, and business planning. Because these efforts go towards supporting the team goals, it’s just like producing a genuine work product.

Gracious Professionalism™


Although robotics involves competition, professionalism takes a priority over winning. Competitions require working with other teams. The team one competes against in one match just might be the team that one is allied with for the next competition.

Levels of Sponsorship​


We want to give our sponsors credit commensurate with their degree of support to our team. The table below outlines our sponsorship levels for recognition.


$100 - $499

Recognition will include:

  • Logo and website link on our website

  • Text line on team sponsor poster

  • Thank you


$500 - $999

Recognition for lower levels as listed above plus:

  • Text line on team T-shirts

  • Text line on team banner

  • Sponsor Certificate

  • Team Photo


$1,000 - $2,499

Recognition for lower levels as listed above plus:

  • Robot Demo

  • Small logo on team T-shirts

  • Small logo on team sponsor poster

  • Small logo on team banner


$2,500 - $4,999

Recognition for lower levels as listed above plus:

  • Medium logo on team T-shirts

  • Medium logo on team sponsor poster

  • Medium logo on team banner

  • Sponsor plaque


$5,000 - $9,999

Recognition for lower levels as listed above plus:

  • Large logo on team T-shirts

  • Large logo on team sponsor poster

  • Large logo on team banner

Primary Sponsor

$10,000+ in funding or hosting

Recognition for lower levels as listed above plus:

  • Recognition as primary sponsor

  • Listing as a sponsor with our name on the FIRST website

  • Prime real estate for logo on all sponsorship recognition locations (i.e., team T-shirt, sponsorship poster, and banner)


A student prepares an aluminum angle for cutting on our team’s horizontal band saw.