We thank our sponsors for their generous support

Corporate Sponsors

Roaring Robotics, Team 2704, wouldn't be possible without the  generous support of many sponsors both small and large. In addition to helping make our team great, our sponsors allow our team to not charge registration fees thereby making the team accessible to more students.


Primary Sponsor

Caterpillar essentially founded our team in 2007 and has been a primary sponsor of our team since our inception. Simply put, our team would not exist without Caterpillar. The majority of our funding continues to come from Caterpillar. We are able to be a “no fees” team because of Caterpillar’s generous sponsorship.

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Primary Sponsor

In 2017, Make-It-Here stepped up and provided a home for our team when we lost our previous build space. Make-It-Here provides our team with access to their facilities equivalent to full membership for those on our team. The Make-It-Here founder and staff also mentors our team.

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80/20 Inc.

Gold Sponsor

80/20 has sponsored the team starting in 2018 by providing us with a substantial educational discount on their products. 80/20 material has been used as our primary build material since then due to its flexibility and weight savings.

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Bartoszek Engineering

Gold Sponsor

Bartoszek Engineering is a consulting firm specializing in mechanical and electro-mechanical design for the nuclear and high energy physics community world-wide. In addition to financial support, Bartoszek Engineering has provided our team with engineering training classes and mentorship.

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Silver Sponsor

ALIGNED provides revolutionary project management solutions and advanced engineering services. ALIGNED sponsors our team through financial support.

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Community Sponsors

Our community sponsors provide our team an anchor to the local community.

Aurora Public Library

Community Sponsor

Starting in 2018, the Aurora Public Library has hosted outreach and recruiting events for our team. The team is looking forward to a partnership with the library to reach out to those in the Aurora community.

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Mike Hanes, founder of Make-It-Here, provides members of our team instruction on use of the lathes in the metal shop.

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